Synchro Classic
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Synchro Classic

Capital Ice Synchro Classic

Join us on Sunday, October 29, from 9 am to Noon at the VFW All Seasons Area.  Many teams will take to the ice, starting what promises to be an excellent synchro season for the Midwest.


Teams from all levels will compete with the kind of synchronicity that comes from dedication, practice, and talent.


Don’t miss the first 2023-2024 Season Capital Ice Synchro Competition. Cheer for your teams, right here at home.

Event Details

When:  Sunday, October 29 | 9:00am – Noon
Where: VFW All Season Arena, Bismarck
Spectators, please enter through door 1 at the VFW rink. There will be tickets available at the door for $8.

Can’t be there in person? Watch the event live.